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Most people have been involved in a minor accident in their lifetime. When an accident happens, if it is not too severe, you can get back in your car and be on your way. There are times, however, when your vehicle is not in any shape to be driven. Maybe your wheels are destroyed, or the hood is caved in. These are times when you need to contact a local company that can help you by removing your vehicle from the roadside. Towing Services of Griffin wrecker service and accident recovery have plenty of experience dealing with these types of problems. They can get your car removed from the accident scene once any investigation has been concluded.

When you need professional help with your vehicle, you can contact Towing Services of Griffin for the best possible service. We are here any time of the day or night because we know that accidents and breakdowns do not always happen during regular business hours or on a schedule. We will come to your aid quickly and offer our wrecker service for you and your vehicle when the need arises.


A Tow Truck for Every Need


We have a team of experts that know which truck is the one that should be used to help you and your stranded car. We know that you do not want to have to wait around for assistance when you call for help. We will work hard to meet your needs and offer you all of the information you will need to decide about your vehicle and how it should be transported.

Flatbed: This type of truck lifts your whole car onto a flatbed truck so that it can be transported safely, in an efficient way, without causing any damage. We recommend this option when your vehicle is not able to be towed with a regular tow truck. We also recommend this option when your car has a low clearance or an expensive or exotic car.

Wheel Lift: This type of tow truck tows your vehicle by lifting the wheels with a clamp that is attached to the wheels that drive your car. The car is then put into neutral gear to follow the truck as it pulls your vehicle.

Dolly: This vehicle uses a sling and tows your car by attaching a hook and a chain under your car and securing it to a dolly that pulls your vehicle along without stressing the frame of your vehicle.


When to Call a Wrecker Service


If you have been involved in a multi-car accident that is quite serious, you should probably call a wrecker service. Towing Services of Griffin Wrecker Service is professional, fast, and safe. We will arrive on the scene in a short amount of time and get you, and your vehicle cleared away from the situation as quickly as possible.

When you call a wrecker service, you will receive professional services that will come to your location and remove your vehicle to a tow yard or body shop of your choosing. 

If your car has broken down roadside or you are stranded, call our wrecking service; we will come to your location and assist you quickly.


Wrecking Service – Call Towing Services of Griffin


If you have old scrap cars in your yard that no longer run and have not run in years, call us to remove them for you. Ancient vehicles that no longer work are unsightly and take up valuable space in your yard. If you want a car towed to a local repair shop, we can do that for you too. Call Towing Services of Griffin today to get your driveway and yard cleared up.

We offer professional services for any situation. We also provide roadside assistance and fuel delivery. Call us when you need help 24/7. Towing Services of Griffin can help you by providing you with the services that you need now at a fair price.