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Towing Services of Griffin understands you can never predict the next time that your car or motorcycle breaks down or has issues on the road. Just give a call and we’ll send a professional team over to fix any vehicular problem you’ve encountered while traveling. We’re ready to help you with transport and removal jobs so you can get your car off the road and into a garage quickly. We also provide roadside assistance for replacing tires, jump-starting batteries, and delivering fuel on the spot so you can quickly get back to your travels.

Our professional team of mechanics is prepared to move at a moment’s notice to help with any roadside issues. You can expect the best quality in our services as we’re committed to a safe and stress-free experience for motorists in the roadways of the Griffin area.

Emergency Assistance for Vehicles

It can be a serious emergency if your ride breaks down in the middle of an important trip, and you don’t need another issue to deal with. We get that, and that’s why we at Towing Services of Griffin is standing by to help you deal with vehicular issues at any hour of the day. We guarantee to reach you at any time so we can work on repairing your car or motorcycle and ensuring you have a safe trip ahead.

Our team can fix a lot of issues with your car or motorcycle right on the road. Stay on time and on course with the roadside assistance from our professional team of mechanics. We can do minor repair and replacement fixes for your vehicle on the spot and even get your car to a nearby garage if we spot long-term issues that need to be handled. By keeping your vehicle safe and well-maintained, you’re sure to travel longer distances safely. Getting your vehicle in working shape is all in a day’s work for our roadside assistance team, and they’ll provide professional advice to boot for better vehicle maintenance and handling.
Roadside Assistance in Griffin
Tire Change or Repair in Griffin

 It’s no big deal if you’ve got a flat tire and can’t find a spare tire or the tools to change it. Our professionals will replace your flat at a moment’s notice, no matter where you are. For the mechanics at Towing Services of Griffin, replacing tires is easy as cake. We want you to feel secure driving along with your new tire snug and tight on your vehicle. 

You might be able to remove and replace tires on your own, but our experienced mechanics will ensure there won’t be other problems with your tire. After all, our mechanics have been working on tires for years and they can diagnose if your vehicle has other issues while on the job.

There are some issues with a vehicle that needs to be worked on in a garage or someplace safer. Our towing service is on-call to guarantee that your vehicle will be safe and secure from the roadside to the garage. We’ll assess your vehicle thoroughly and our towing team will also help you out with transportation while we tow your vehicle with care.

You can bet that Towing Services of Griffin can help you return behind the wheel swiftly if you’re ever stuck on the road. We have a fleet of tow trucks that will ensure a smooth and safe tow for any car or motorcycle.

Even if your vehicle gets stuck in a ditch, rut, or hole, there’s no need to fret. With Towing Services of Griffin, we’ve always got a plan for getting your vehicle out and towing it to safety. The next time your vehicle breaks down, our towing team will move in to help as soon you call.

Towing Services in Griffin
Fuel Delivery in Griffin
Sometimes, we end up with far less fuel in our tank than we need to reach the nearest town or station. For some extra gas, call our fuel delivery service and we’ll come to fill up your tank with enough fuel to safely get to the next destination.
Jump Start Service in Griffin
A battery suddenly giving up is among the most annoying vehicular issues while you’re on the road. We have jump-starting services for restoring the life in your battery so you can move on with your travels. Our professionals are trained to jump-start a vehicle safely and securely, so you don’t have to risk doing it yourself. For a quick, strong jolt to your dead battery, our team’s rapid response time is exactly what you need. To help guarantee the safety of your future trips, try to get any faulty batteries checked and replaced on your next garage visit.
Vehicular accidents can happen anywhere, and it might take place in your area or property, leaving a wreck and scattering debris all around. This can be hazardous to everybody, and it’s the job of our wrecker service to clean up the mess thoroughly and quickly. For any wreckage in the roadways in Griffin, be it near a home or business property, we’ll mop up the debris without becoming an inconvenience to the community. 

Accidents can cause a lot of old junk and wreckage getting littered all over an area, and that causes traffic. To keep the Griffin area clean and safe for motorists, we’re dedicated to cleaning up any junk as soon as you call so it can swiftly be repurposed into scrap metal. Our wrecker service will do any clean-up and removal job thoroughly and at the appropriate time.

Accident Removal in Griffin
Cash for Junk Cars Towing Services of Griffin

While a lot of people do not think about this kind of service, purchasing old junk cars for cash is a big part of what we do. We are the biggest junk car removal in Griffin and its surrounding areas. If you have a car in rough shape just sitting on your property and you do not know what to do with it, call us. We will be happy to take care of it for you!

Trusting the Experts at Towing Services of Griffin

If you have car or motorcycle problems, you’ll need a team that’s detail-oriented, experienced, and quick, and at Towing Services of Griffin, we’re committed to exactly those ideals. We’re dedicated to upholding safety and security in the Griffin area and community. And we are ready to help anyone having a vehicular emergency while on the road. For any problem and any vehicle, we have the skills, personnel, and tools to get your car or motorcycle back in working order so you can continue with your day.

Our lines are available 24/7 and on any day of the week. Call Towing Services of Griffin now at (770) 343-5818 to get fast, reliable roadside help and towing.

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