Long Distance Towing

Long Distance towing

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If you require the services of a company that can provide long-distance towing, then give Towing Service Griffin a call; we can take care of all of your towing needs.


What Is Long Distance Towing?


Long-distance towing is different than the services that regular towing companies provide. These services are designed to carry vehicles for long distances, not just across town, and usually have a flat rate based on distance. Local towing can be charged by mileage and is not meant to transport vehicles very far. Local towing can drag vehicles short distances by their wheelbase in the front or rear. With long-distance towing, the car is loaded onto a car carrier, a flat deck vehicle designed to transport large loads. A car carrier or a flat deck can be used for this type of towing. The car carrier is two levels deep and is between 25 and 75 feet long. Long-distance tows may be to a nearby town or across the country. Long-distance towing is operated with a network of qualified carriers to get your vehicle to its location across the country.


Towing Service Griffin Has Low Rates for Long Distance Towing


When you want your vehicle moved across the country, you can rely on Towing Service Griffin to take care of the job for you. We can offer you low rates because our rates are calculated on a flat basis, and there are no undisclosed costs or surprises, so you will know what you are dealing with when you ship your vehicle across the country. The location that your car is sent to can affect the rate, so it is always best to ask for a quote and a flat rate to be aware of the cost upfront. The quote may vary depending on factors, which include the time of the year, the distance of the destination from highways, the current cost of fuel, and the weather.

We offer you all that you need in writing to relax, knowing that your vehicle is safe because you are working with a bonded, licensed, and insured company. We offer long-distance towing and can ship any vehicle door to door, making it completely convenient for you. We offer competitive rates for long-distance towing. Relax knowing that you can send your vehicle to any location for a reasonable rate when you work with our company.


Long Distance Towing – Auto Transport


A company that takes care of long-distance towing offers similar services to auto transport companies. Most vehicles are moved using this method across the continental United States. Towing Service Griffin offers reasonable rates and specializes in what you need – to move your car across the country, across the state, or just across the city, we can handle all the heavy lifting.


Towing Service Griffin has a Fleet of State of the Art Tow Trucks


We can handle all of your towing needs, whatever those may be. Our standard wheel lift tow trucks are designed for towing light trucks, vans, and passenger cars for short distances. We can take care of those jobs for you. We also have flatbed trucks that we use for transporting vehicles that need all four tires to be off the ground. This includes four-wheel-drive trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles.

Towing Service Griffin is available for all of your long-distance and local towing needs. Here are some great reasons to contact us:

  • Our drivers are licensed and insured, which should offer you complete peace of mind;
  • We are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide you with the services you need;
  • We have up to date and fully equipped trucks available to meet your specific needs
  • Our response times are speedy because we have trucks close to you;
  • We employ professional, courteous, and friendly drivers
  • We offer reasonable rates, whether you need a local tow or a cross-country tow;

Contact Towing Service Griffin when you need to get back on the road or have your vehicle moved, We will be there, and we will get you going today.