Impound Service

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If you are the owner of a private parking lot or find that there are many abandoned vehicles, cars parked with for sale signs in them, cars parked in spots not assigned to them, or cars parked in fire lanes, what can you do? You can call Towing Service Griffin and ask about our impounding service.

There are legal limits and regulations in your local area dictating how many vehicles are allowed to be parked on residential and commercial properties. If someone parks in an area that is not marked showing that they can legally park there, they run the risk of having their car towed if they park there without the property owner’s express permission. For those who ignore the signs stating that their vehicle will be towed, there is a consequence: they may find that their car is gone when they return to it.


Private Property Impound


If you have a vehicle that is blocking your driveway, is parked in your spot, or is parked in another place where it should not be on your property, give us a call. Towing Service Griffin is happy to come to your location, remove the problem vehicle and haul it away to an impound lot. The car owner will need to contact us to retrieve their vehicle once it has been removed.

Our professional drivers can offer you all of the towing services you require. Whether you are looking for emergency services or removal help, we are happy to provide you with that help. Call us when your reserved parking spot is occupied by someone other than you. We can remove their vehicle and tow it to an impound lot to remain until the owner arrives to claim it. The more often that you call on us for our impound services, the more likely that people will stop parking where they should not be parking.


Commercial Clients can Access our Services for Free


We offer free towing to commercial customers when we tow from commercial areas. This is because the owner will need to pay fees to remove their vehicle from impound, so you do not need to pay for those services upfront. We would be more than happy to come to your location and remove unwanted vehicles as they appear. Towing Service Griffin offers professional services, and we can provide outstanding customer service to all of our clients. We pride ourselves in being more than an impound company; we are a team of professionals who work hard to gain your trust and business.


Call Towing Service Griffin for Your Towing Needs


Call us whether you need emergency services or regular services. We offer many different services and are ready to assist you the next time you need a tow truck. We do not add to your parking problems; we become a significant part of the solution.

Call us; we can be the bad guy on your behalf. If you have cars parked either dangerously or illegally on your private property, we can come to your location and remove those vehicles quickly. You are entirely within your rights to have illegally parked vehicles removed, and we can take care of that issue. We assist all kinds of property owners in dealing with illegally parked cars from their commercial and residential properties.

We take care of all kinds of towing services and remove vehicles for impound. Some of our specialized towing services include:

  • Fire lanes
  • Commercial parking lots
  • Underground parking lots
  • Strata parking lots
  • Vehicle recovery services
  • Customer parking lots

We remove vehicles under the authority of local laws and bylaws. If you are having a problem with a car being parked on your property and want it removed, contact Towing Service Griffin today to find out more about our impounding services.